Top 50 Tax Breaks , Credit & Deductions

Top 50 of the Most Easily overlooked Tax Breaks, Deductions, and Credits

The following list serves as a reminder of some deductions most people overlook or miss when filing their taxes. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, nor applicable to everyone. The circumstances of your situation will determine whether you qualify or not:
  1. Earned Income Credit (even if you do not have dependents)
  2. Renter's Credit (If you are a renter in California)
  3. College Student Tuition & other Educational Tools (i.e. laptop, parking fee, etc)
  4. Mortgage Prepayment Penalties & Late Fees
  5. Contact Lenses , Eyeglasses & Hearing Devices
  6. Contraceptives, if bought with a prescription
  7. Dues to Labor Union
  8. (Items 8 - 50 ) for Customers Only*
    *The remaining list of Tax Breaks, Credits and  Deductions is provided to customers who file their taxes with us. This allows 
    customers to experience our great service in getting you the maximum refund that most people would otherwise miss when 
    they file by themselves or other tax places. Call to schedule a visit , today!

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