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Refunds on Late Filed Tax Returns*

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If you were due a refund but did not file a return, you generally must file your taxes within 3 years from the date the return was due (including extensions) to get the refund.

[January 2014] - We help wage earners (i.e. employees, self employed, small businesses) who worked the whole year or partial year (including Unemployment Income) submit an accurate tax return and collect an Impressive REFUND in as little as 7 - 10 days, even if you don't have your W2 yet - we can probably download it !
Print a $150 $70 Coupon for Tax Preparation & pay nothing out of pocket !

50 Secrets to a Bigger Refunds - Don't Miss Out on It !
We can help you get your BIGGEST Refund. For instance, if you made out-of-pocket purchases on work related expenses, you are entitled to legally write it off on your taxes and get a tax break! View the various tax breaks, deductions and credits here.
Don't settle for an automated low refund.

 How Can We Help You?
  • File your 2013/2014 Tax Return 
  • Obtain Copies of your W2(s)
  • Fight Tax Identity Fraud
  • Print $70 Coupon for Tax Prep

  • & Many More

       Call now: (310) 677-5000  

Call Now: (310) 677-5000
Visit our Office:
3227 W Century Blvd , Inglewood , Ca 90303
( Located Next to Boost Mobile & Dulans Soul Food Restaurant on Century )

 Announcing our 17th Year Anniversary ! Thank you to our Happy, and Growing client base that continues to share  
 their satisfaction & experience with friends & families of our work. Thank you for your business!


 How it Works  -  4 Easy Steps
    File Your 7 Years Back Tax 
, Recieve your 
by Check or Direct Deposit !

1. Bring Your W2 ( We Can Download It)
2. Obtain Copies of your Tax Return
3.. Receive your Refund Fastest by Direct Deposit

  CALL NOW : (310) 677 - 5000
VISIT OUR OFFICE : 3227 W Century Blvd
                              Inglewood , Ca 90303

                 HELP & SECURITY
I Need to File This Year ! "
   File Your 2013/2014 Tax Return , Receive
    your Refund within 7 - 10 days
by Check ,
    Deposit or Debit Card ! 
    Easily file your taxes today!

          End Tax Identity Fraud 
Reverse the damage of identity fraud 
    associated with your tax return.
    Place a complete stop to tax identity theft!

    The earlier you address the issue the
    quicker you can obtain a normal status.
    Take a Stand , Fight tax identity fraud!




Our Office is OPEN YEAR ROUND to serve you.


$10 Per Notary - Simply Notarize Today !

  Fast On-the-Spot Finger Printing !


 AUTO   - $338/YR

Call Today : (310) 677-5000
Visit Today : 3227 W Century Blvd , Inglewood , Ca 90303

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